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One this blog you can read different mopeds like Puch, Honda, Yamaha and a lot more. There will also be information about tuning and manuals for later download.

Mopeds are a class of low-powered motorized vehicle, generally two or three wheeled. Moped classification is designed to allow the use of small motorized vehicles seen as not requiring the safety restrictions and license requirement that larger motorcycles are subject to. In many countries microcars like Aixam and Piaggio Ape are classified as mopeds because of their low top speed and small capacity engine.

In law and regulations, mopeds are normally defined by limits on engine displacement, speed, power output, or transmissions, or by a requirement for pedals. In some countries, the legal driving age for a moped is lower than for larger motorcycles, and consequently mopeds are popular among the youth. Typically, mopeds are restricted to 30–85 km/h (18–53 mph) and engine displacement less than 50 cc.

Many jurisdictions classify them as “limited-speed” motorcycles; also in some, a pedal-equipped moped, in using both human power and machine power, qualifies for special treatment as a hybrid vehicle.

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