Suzuki K50 came to Denmark in 1972 as a 3-speed version under the approval mark: TUM-l79. This 3-speed version had an up-layed exhaust. Suzuki K50 came in 1976 in a 4-speed version of the model designation B drum brake model and DB for disc brake model. Approval mark of this model is: TUM-2IO.

Suzuki K50 B + DB were sold up until the late ’70s, when Suzuki launched a new model. This model had some changes from the rest. These included: the side screens was larger and made of plastic, the petrol tank was somewhat narrower and the speedometer was moved from the headlamp and on to a genuine instrument panel.

The model name for those models is generally called the new model K50 or 79. Model is K50N drum brake and disc brake for K50DN model. With the exception of very few things, including the above, spare parts fits all 3 models.




Sales of new mopeds declined dramatically since the supply of large “boys-bikes” with the many gears in the years after the amendment of the new moped laws was limited to a few. Suzuki importers in Denmark, however, came relatively quickly over the shock and launched in 1983 a new “big” moped with gear.

It was a very special Suzuki model and it was only sold in Denmark. But it did not act worse than the older mopeds - it was actually better. It must be said, that the Suzuki Samurai DM50 is, on many points, superior to the old 3-speed and 4-speed mopeds. It has a good clutch and good traction. It is pleasant to drive and comes with a wide range of equipment, among other side indicators. If it has a minus, it is that the rear wheel often goes to pieces, which means that the rear wheel will be Exeter.

Suzuki DM50 was initially delivered in models with tank colors black, red and blue. The next models were supplied with tank colors silver gray, blue and red. These models had a metalcoated tank. The latest models were also metalcoated in the colors black and red.




Suzuki FZ50 quickly became popular in all age groups and is sold in huge numbers.

The are very pleasant to travel on due to its 12-inch wheels, front and rear suspension, the broad soft seat and leg shield to protect against rain and sleet. It also has luggage racks on front and rear, making it convenient for many purposes.

Suzuki FZ50 has an abundance of equipment like. lamps, braking light, short and long lights, horns, wing mirror, oil lamp control, petrol gauge, ignition switch, etc.

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